Welcome to the Kent, et al. v. Women’s Health USA, Inc., et al. Settlement Website.

Your legal rights are affected whether you act or don’t act. Read this website and the Notice carefully.

A $2.85 million Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against Women’s Health USA, Inc.; In Vitro Sciences, LLC; Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, P.C. (“CARS”); and Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (“RMACT”) (collectively “Defendants”). The Settlement is regarding Defendants’ alleged conspiracy to artificially raise, fix, maintain, or stabilize prices for Assisted Reproductive Technology (“ART”) IVF services and to allocate geographic markets for ART services, which resulted in restricted competition and artificially high prices in violation of the Connecticut Antitrust Act. Defendants have decided to settle this action in order to avoid the burden and expense of litigation and each maintains that their actions were lawful and did not result in higher prices. The Defendants deny any wrongdoing, and no court or other entity has made any judgment or other determination of any wrongdoing, or that any law has been violated. The Defendants deny these, and all other claims made in the Action. By entering into the Settlement, the Defendants are not admitting any wrongdoing.

You are a “Settlement Class Member” if you purchased or paid for, in whole or in part, Assisted Reproductive Technology (“ART”) services from the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, P.C. (“CARS”) or Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (“RMACT”) from January 1, 2004, through July 19, 2022.

Settlement Class Members may file a Claim Form to receive a payment from the Settlement Fund. Settlement Class Members who file a valid, timely Claim Form will receive a pro rata share (a legal term that means a proportional share based on the amount you paid CARS or RMACT for ART services relative to the total amounts paid by all other claiming Settlement Class Members) of the $2.85 million Settlement Fund, as a cash payment, minus attorneys’ fees, expenses, and costs, service awards, and the cost of settlement administration.

Your Legal Rights and Options in This Settlement
Submit a Claim Form The only way to get money from the Settlement is to submit a Claim Form.
Exclude Yourself Get no Settlement benefits. Keep your right to file your own lawsuit against the Defendants about the legal claims in this case.
Object Tell the Court why you do not like the Settlement. You will still be bound by the Settlement if the Court approves it.
Do Nothing Get no Settlement benefits. Be bound by the Settlement.

These rights and options—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained in the Notice and on this website.

The Court in charge of this case must still decide whether to approve the Settlement and the requested attorneys’ fees, expenses, and costs. No Settlement benefits or payments will be provided unless the Court approves the Settlement, and it becomes final.